Friday, August 29, 2008

Moose A. Moose

I don't know about your toddler but my little girl LOVES Moose A. Moose on Noggin. She runs whenever she hears his voice. After looking all over the Internet I could not find one thing marketed by Noggin for Moose A. Moose and his buddy Zee. However, I did find that many people make their own Moose and Zee. The problem is that they are really expensive.

I figured that since I have some sewing ability that I would try to make my own doll for Madi. I looked on the net and found a pic that I thought would be a good one to sketch a pattern after. Grabbed my paper and off I went.

I decided that I would make him with materials I already had. I had yellow fleece, white fleece, black felt, brown and pink fabric. Here we go. I cut the yellow fleece to fit the shape of my guy with his legs included, (I didn't want to have to sew them on during the stuffing process), I cut out the arms because if I attached the arms then I could use those holes to stuff. I then cut the pattern for his antlers. After I was done I started to work on his facial features.

I used the white fleece and black felt for his eyes, black felt for his nostrils, black felt for his mouth, and pink fabric for his tongue. After I stitched all that together I started to sew my guy up.

I didn't run into too many problems. I attached his antlers and finally his arms. After I finished stuffing him and sewing up the stuffing hole I did a once over on him to see if I missed anything. It looked pretty good if I do say so myself.

When I gave him to Madi I wish everyone could have seen her face. She was so ecstatic. I feel good to have made a toy for my daughter that she loves so much. Plus, it didn't cost me any money. It was made from stuff I already had for other projects. I guess now I should get to work on his pal Zee. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend.

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Anonymous said...

You are so talented. I bet Madi did love it.