Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Today is a good day. The Broncos lost and the Raiders are up. How that game will end is yet to be seen.

I haven't posted in a few because I have been so busy. I decided that although the costume that I made Madi is cute it's not quite what what I wanted so I decided to redo it. I found some different fabric that has bigger polka dots and a more vivid red. I think it will look better. Anyway, I am having some difficulties with the zipper, because I have never done one before, and Madi is growing at a very fast rate that I'm afraid she will be too big for it by Halloween. Seriously, that child has went from a 2T to a 3T overnight.

Speaking of Halloween, we have figured out what all of the kiddos are going to be but one. My sweet niece Braydon. She can't make up her mind and being indecisive is something she is very good at. Tinie is going to be Belle, Zac is Jack Sparrow, Reese is going to be a kitty (again), and Spencer doesn't care for costumes so he will be wearing a Halloween shirt. I have had Madi's costume picked for months now. ZK and I were thinking of being Germans for Halloween but I don't think I will have enough time to make us both outfits. I guess I will just have to be a witch again.

I hope everyone is doing well and I promise (J.J.R.C) that I will try to update at least every other day. I want to get the rest of my Halloween things on eBay and finish Madi's costume, then get started on things for Christmas. Have a great evening!

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