Sunday, December 28, 2008

Now That It's Over

Well Christmas came and went. I had a lot of fun, got some great gifts, and took tons of pictures. I got a Paula Dean pots and pans set, Tomb Raider video game, a personalized cookie jar, and a neat wallet photo album from my mom. I really like it. You can add up to like a thousand photos and some music.

Yesterday my mom came over and we hit up the craft stores. I am already getting ready to make some Valentine's Day stuff to sell because if that law goes through this will be my last holiday to make children's items to sell. I picked up a new scrapbook because the one I had previously purchased didn't have the expandable spine, a frame for Madi's photo with Santa, and some yarn to use for my dolls hair.

Oh yeah, I am making a new kind of doll. It's called a primitive folk art doll. I love them, they are so darn cute. They are kind of a pain because the arms and legs are so skinny and my fingers are too fat to fit in there so I had to use tweezers, but I liked the finished product. I gave the first one to my mom for Christmas. I took it up there and acted like, "Hey, this is my new doll. What do you think?" and she said that she loved it then asked all sheepishly, "Is it mine?" So cute. Of course it's yours mom! She always gets the prototype of my new items.

Here she is:

Well, I better get off here and get some stuff done. I plan on making lasagna tonight and I think I might do it in the crock pot. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.

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