Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ghost Adventures

I have gotten hooked on this newish show that is on the Travel Channel. It's called Ghost Adventures. You can check out their show link here.

Anyway, these 3 guys, Zak, Nick, and Aaron, go to the most haunted places in the world,just the three of them, get locked in for the night, and try to get proof of ghosts.

I can't decide if they are really stupid or really brave. Being a believer in ghosts myself I would never mess with some of the stuff they do. They try to antagonize the ghost that have harmed people. They went to the place called Bobby Mackey's in Kentucky. The locals said that the "well to hell" was there. Well Zak being the idiot that he is went to the well and said, "If this is the gate to hell, why don't you come on out and get us." Anyway later that night he pissed off some spirit and had three long scratches appear down his back. He felt this burning sensation and felt sick to his stomach and he told his friends it was on his back. They put the camera on his back and you could see three long scratches by his spine that went like 8 inches down.

They go armed with infrared cameras, static cameras, EVP's, and a digital recorder that can pick up noises that human ears can't hear. They have these ghost voices on tape laughing, crying, singing, and telling them to get out.

My favorite guy is their camera/tech guy Aaron. He is so funny. The other two wanted him to stay in a room by himself and try to make contact with spirit. Aaron was like, "Screw you, I am not doing that." He's just funny.

If you don't believe in ghosts, you will after watching this show. Definitely spooky.

Check out parts of my favorite episode, "Bobby Mackey's".

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