Sunday, January 4, 2009

Playoffs Baby!

Last night, Wild Card playoffs started. I'm bummed because the Raiders didn't do anything again this year but was happy that they won their last two games against the Texans and the Buccaneers. Especially the Bucs, they are a hard team to beat. Also, the Broncos are out and they FIRED Mike Shanahan. That was awesome. I hate that guy. He destroys quarterbacks. Look what he did to Griese and Plummer. Just bullshit.

Anywho, last night the Chargers knocked out the Colts in overtime. That grinds my gears because I hate the Chargers almost as much as I hate the Broncos. Their coach, Norv Turner, destroyed the Raiders. The Cardinals won though and that was cool. I really like the Cardinals. I think they deserve to go to the Super Bowl. In their history they have never been to the playoffs so this is a pretty exciting time for them.

My dream Superbowl is the Raiders and the Bucs but that won't happen this year so I will have to settle for the Cardinals and the Steelers. Ah, Ben Roethlisberger. He is super hot. He is my favorite quarterback next to Oakland's second string Andrew Walter. I love that guy! He is such an awesome quarterback and if the Raiders would just give him a chance at first string I know we would kick some ass.

OK, so today we have the Eagles/Vikings(boo hiss) and the Dolphins/Ravens. My picks are the Eagles and the Dolphins. I should really bet someone because I have a good feeling about my picks.

I hope everyone is having a good day. And for your viewing pleasure....

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