Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rooster Mailbox

A couple of weeks ago my older sister commented that she hated her drab mailbox. It was beaten up, faded, and just blah. So, my mom and I decided to make her a new one.

We started our project at Walmart to get a basic mailbox. The color didn't matter because we were going to paint it anyway. We decided on a pretty pastel green paint and got some rooster rub on transfers.

First we painted the mailbox which was quite the task considering the wind we get out here. Then we put on our transfers and numbers. Finally we applied a sealant to make sure none of our decal came off and Ta-da! A new custom mailbox.

Tara really likes it and had her husband put it out right away. They used a cedar post to hold it and it looks great.

I hope everyone is having a great afternoon.

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