Friday, April 30, 2010


Today I have been going between doing crafts and reading. It's quite effective. Not really. I am having a hard time putting down this new book I got yesterday. It's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I love it. It combines two of my great loves, Jane Austen and zombies. Anyway, good book but it is preventing me from fulfilling my chores for the day.

Well, lets get to it. I have been working on an owl applique to go on a tote bag pretty much all week. I made my own pattern for this. The basic design wasn't too difficult but the hand stitching around the wings, eyes, and such proved to be a pain. My hands were killing me by the time I was through. I think it came out pretty good and I like the array of fabrics.

The second applique I have been working on is a cupcake to put on an apron skirt. I love this so much because it is all my favorite colors. This one is also my own pattern.

Anyway, I better get off here and get some more things done like laundry. Man, I either need to finish this book or have someone hide it from me. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.