Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coraline Inspired Button Earrings

Our project today is a pair of "Coraline" inspired button earrings. Love the movie, the colors, and the ideas that sprang forth from my dear niece C. She LOVES this movie and wants to be Coraline for Halloween. I decided to make these earrings based off of what she has told me she wants.

First off: Supplies

Needle & Thread
Hot Glue Gun
Buttons ( I used black based off the movie but you could use any color you wanted)
Earring Post with a flat base ( I got mine at my local craft store and used gold)
Earring Backs

Step 1: Free sew your button. I use this term loosely because I'm not sure if it's correct. You want to sew the button like you would if you were sewing it on a piece of fabric but you're not. If you know what I mean...

Step 2: Your are going to want to dab a little hot glue of the flat base of your earring post. Just a dab. Then apply your sewn button to your post.

Your finished project should look something like this:

I think it looks very Coraline like. I hope C loves them. Remember that you can use whatever color buttons you want to create the look you want. I think I may try them again with pink.

I hope you enjoyed my super easy, two step tutorial. Have a great day!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Marie Antoinette Art

I am fascinated with everything Marie Antoinette. Her life, her style, and the work she inspires. If you search Marie Antoinette on Etsy you find the most beautiful and amazing things that she has inspired. It's quite amazing.

Anyway, I also am inspired by the notorious Queen of France and find myself using her as a muse. I came up with this Marie art piece after looking through some clip art I purchased of her. I have to say that I love it so much. The bright pink, her alleged famous saying, and of course a lovely, sweet cupcake. Yum!

My base if an oval piece of wood, decoupaged paper, lavender paint, rhinestones, and glitter. It hangs with a piece of sheer white ribbon.

I love it and I am thinking of selling it on Etsy. We shall see. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Favorite Things About Fall

Autumn has arrived. This is my favorite time of the year. With the leaves changing, the days getting cooler, and the best holidays sneaking up on us; what's not to love? So I thought I would dedicate this post to all the wonderful things about fall.


It's no secret that my family LOVES Halloween. Madi is more into it now and being more vocal about her choice of costume. This year she is going to be Cat in the Hat and ZK and I will be Thing 1&2. I can't wait!

Color Sunday

I love going up to Grand Mesa and looking at the painted landscape. You can see ruby red, bright yellow, and pumpkin orange colored leaves decorating every tree. So beautiful.

Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte

Need I say more?

Season Premier Week

No more re-runs! All your favorite shows are back. Yep, I'm a Gleek. I started watching towards the end of the season, got hooked, caught up over the summer, and I am so happy for it to start again tonight!

There are many more things I love about Fall but if I were to list them all I would be here forever. For instance, I love scarves, snow (to play in, not to drive), Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the smell of cinnamon, hot chocolate, and so on and so on.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far and if you live in Colorado get your butt up to the Grand Mesa and check out all the colors. Plus, the Cedaredge Applefest is October 1 & 2. Ah, so much to do!