Monday, April 25, 2011

Big News!!!

Hello all!! Things have been going really well lately. I received my first custom order for a wedding, I am meeting some wonderful etsians, and Easter was fantastic!!

Speaking of Easter my sweet baby M has been talking about a rainbow Easter egg for over a week, thanks to Team Umizoomi. The Easter bunny ;) was able to get one for her! Made from a clay egg and crayola paint it was simple to do just a little frustrating at 2 am. I had one very happy girl on Easter morning.

So who else is excited for the royal wedding? I am!! It's my first and I love a royal love story. I made this lovely necklace in celebration of this event and inspired by the future Princess Kate's engagement ring.

Also here is another new item available at my etsy shop. It's a vintage glitter glass shaker. We all know that glitter glass in expensive and a little goes a long way so here is a nifty way to sprinkle just the right amount.

Well, I should be going so I can get to bed. Before I go I wanted to share a little treat with you. On Thursday I will be doing a special giveaway for one of my newest items so check back and be sure to enter! I am so excited about my first giveaway! I hope everyone has a great night!

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Nicole said...

Love that necklace! Too cute! Can't wait to see your giveaway! :)