Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bubble Guppies Cupcakes

Hello all! I have been super busy and it doesn't seem to slow down. I just thought I would pop in a share a little goodie with you.

Today at M's preschool was her Summer birthday party. So many kids in the class have summer birthdays and the teacher's thought it would be nice if they got a chance to celebrate their birthday early with the class. Well today was M's big day and I decided to make Bubble Guppies cupcakes for her, with help from etsy of course!

The Bubble Guppies is a newish show on Nick Jr. that M just LOVES! We watch it all the time and have all the episodes on the DVR. It's a great show that teaches them a lot and has some awesome songs.

I got these great Bubble Guppies images from this fantastic etsy seller nimsyky. Prices are great and they emailed them to me super fast. Check them out here. I used colored party toothpicks and glued the cutouts to them with hot glue. I cut off the pointed ends of the toothpicks to make them safe for kiddos.

Anyway, everyone loved them and I thought they were cute. :) I hope everyone has a great day.