Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Big Block Singsong Day!

First off, Hello!  I know I haven't posted in a long time and for that I am sorry. My kids keep me on my toes and working on my etsy shop has taken up a lot of time.  Also, I started homeschooling my daughter this year, so we have been super busy.  I do plan on sharing some great home school ideas through here so keep checking back.

My post today is about Big Block Singsong.  My son LOVES it!  I don't mind it either.  It's one of the few discs I can listen to in the car with the kids and not want to rip my hair out. The other two are the Tinker Bell soundtrack and the Rainbow Rocks soundtrack.  They have some pretty good songs. :)

Back to it, my son loves Big Block and his birthday was at the end of March.  I decided to to a Big Block party knowing that I would have to do majority of it on my own as they do not have any merchandise.  **Note to the makers of Big Block, if you did have merchandise I'm sure you make many children very happy!** 

I started with my idea for gifts.  I decided to make him a Super Stan doll, a Eats guy pillow, and a toy bag featuring counting bags with the clown block on them.  These are his favorite characters. I think they came out pretty good and he was super happy when he saw them.  I don't have a photo of that moment because I was so engrossed on whether or not his eyes would light up.  They did and he gave me a hint of a smile.  My little guy isn't one for the theatrics.  His sister is though and she was super excited about the Big Block toys.  

My next task was a cake.  I thought I would do a regular cake in primary colors so that it would be easier to get decorations.  I'm a Dollar Tree fan and I buy majority of my party decorations there.  No need to spend a ton of money on something that ends up in the trash in less than 6 hours. I had a friend who is a wonderful cake artist make me a fondant Big Block guy.  We chose the clown because that's one of his favorites and fits the birthday theme.  

Simple, but super cute and everyone really liked it.

I also decided to take an old box and paper it red to look like a Big Block guy.  He's so cute and such a big hit that now he is sitting in my daughter's room because she just loved it.

Because of the colors I chose it was super easy to pull this party off.  I only needed a few Big Block items to pull it together and show that it was themed with Big Block in mind. 

Last but not least, I ran to the store and grabbed a white tank and some transfer paper and made him a Big Block shirt.  He really liked this! Made one for sister too because she wanted to match.  

All in all it was a great party!  My son had a blast and everything ran like a dream.  Now, my next challenge, a Power Puff Girls party for my daughter in July.  Wish me luck :)


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