Friday, May 8, 2015

Reuse and Recycle

Hello all!  Hope you have been having a great week.  It's been so cloudy and rainy here for the last week.  I am hoping after this next storm moves out this weekend we can finally have some nice weather before it gets super hot.

I have a tutorial of sorts for you today.  I recently purchase a new wallet. I haven't had a new wallet in 8 years!  I wanted a wallet that was sort of a wristlet too.  I am going all the time and needed something that I could just grab without having to take my whole purse.  Well, I found that wallet at Maurices and fell in love!  The only problem is that it didn't have a place to put my cards.  So, I decided that I would reuse and recycle my old card slots from my old wallet and make it work for my new one.

( Let me begin this by saying sorry for the poor photo quality.  It did not occur to me until after I started to do a tutorial so, I just grabbed my phone for the photos.)

Here we go!  Here's my new wallet:

And here's my old one:

I know it's a sad sight but when it was new, it was very nice :)

First, I started by seam ripping out the card slot I wanted to use. 

Then I cleaned it up a bit and had to shorten it.  To do that I cut a bit off the top and then I just stitched it back together using my sewing machine.  I would not hand stitch this.  It was a little tough.  

Next, I took my card slot and found a fabric that I liked.  I ended up using this beautiful blue damask fabric.  It matched the brown really nicely.  I cut the fabric down, with a half inch seam allowance on all sides. Then I folded it in and ironed it into place.

Next, I started sewing.  I did a back stitch where I started my seam to give it a little strength.

I really like how it turned out!  It fits the wallet perfectly and I am able to hold all of my cards.

I hope you like my tutorial and if you have any questions just let me know.  Remember, if you can recycle something old and turn it into something new and fabulous, always go that route.  It's better for you, saves money, and better for the planet.

Hope everyone has a great Mother's Day weekend!


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